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Visitation Policy

Under normal circumstances we have always welcomed visitors who have placed a deposit for a puppy to come do a meet and greet 

once the puppy is 6 weeks old.

In todays environment of cruel, mean people, and the unstable animal activist that will stop at nothing to 

do away with your animals, we no longer encourage visitation.  

In the past we only had to worry about bio-hazard of something being brought on to our property.  Now we worry about

our property as a whole, including the health and well being of our animals and family members.  I know of breeders who have

had animals stolen after a visit, animals poisoned, their houses robbed, and several cases where breeders have been killed.

This is not a risk I am willing to take!

Because of this, if you do not already have one of my puppies I will be more than happy to meet you in 

a public setting somewhere in town.

Almost every litter I have several delivery routes that I do when there are several pups going to a particular

area.  The Houston & College Station area is on almost every route.

I can provide references of those people who have been to my property to visit / pick up their puppy if you have questions

about the conditions here.  I have nothing to hide, just want to stay safe. 

I update puppy pictures weekly, usually on the weekly birthday and start taking videos at about 5 weeks.

My cell service is non-existent in the house but once the pups are able to be outside, I usually can get FaceTime to work and 

am open to doing that so you can verify that I do indeed have the pups. 

 I understand there are a lot of fraudulent activity right now.  

I wish it could be different but I believe in Saftey First.

Thank you in advance for your understanding

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