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Puppy Development - Why does my puppy Act this way?

These are exerps from a very good book: “another piece of the puzzle: Puppy Development” by: Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse, Editors

Puppies 8 – 11 weeks

Puppy will begin a time of much more caution. It may be fearful of loud noises, sudden movements, strangers, discipline from other dogs

 and humans. If frightened during this fear period, it may take weeks to return to normal. Puppies should be exposed to a lot of positive 

experiences at this time.


Still have a short attention spans, but start to learn right behaviors for the right time.


Temper Tantrums are common

Pack Behavior begins. – time to take control, you need to be the pack leader

This is the time when attending Puppy Classes is essential.

Enviroment with lots of distractions helps build self-confidence, as does exposure to agility and other play/training equipment.

4-8 months

A puppy that previously came every time you called will now “turn a deaf ear” and be very difficult to catch. Its’s important to avoid off-leash

time and to praise correct responses.

6-14 months

Puppy will be teething

A very well socialized puppy, who has been meeting and greeting the world in an outgoing happy manner, may almost overnight start 

to fear people and things that it wouldn’t have even noticed before.

Be sure to never console a puppy who is afraid or mildly injured.

*** This is very hard to do, BUT….

Never pay attention to your pup if barking or whining while in his crate / kennel. This would only reinforce bad behavior. They are like little people and you want to try to keep things positive and don’t let them have “negative” attention.

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