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This is a growing list of links and information

(I add them as I go and as time allows)


The information contained here is only from my research or what I have experienced or do.  I do not

claim to know everything, nor am I a vet.  I am in no way responsible for stating that something

has worked for me, should it not work for you.

Lots of information out there which you can research, this is just to give you a start

Virtual Puppy Packet

In the past I have always provided a puppy packet at pick up that contained a lot of information.

It took a lot of time to put all the pages together, and I can only guess most of it never gets looked at.

I have now put together links here that are very similar to what I included previously.  

I ask if you are picking up a puppy please look over the topics below that I have marked with an astract as well as the individual

topics that I have typed out in detail on this page. 

There will still be a couple pages in your packet along with Registration App, Contract, Microchip Info, Health Record, and s CD of your puppy.

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