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Virtual Southern Star Tour 

Clean, Fresh, Climate Controlled area for those hot or cold days.  Access to outdoor runs

UPDATE:  We recently moved from the swamp and left my kennel behind:( 

 Construction is on-going at our new location to have something similar.

A new cabin. Not yet finished in this picture so I need to get updated ones.  Intended as a place for puppies the week prior to departure when I try to separate them some and they get so loud in the house.  Well, I cant seem to let them leave the house so this is now the home for my adults especially in the hot summer months when they just want to lay around in the AC and dont mind being in the smaller pens.

One of my favorite places.  A doggie kitchen where food is stored and prepared.  It has a separate room where I bathe and groom my dogs and do any dog laundry that needs to be handled.  Guess this could be referred to as my "She Shed" 

Puppy Playground:

Lots of Activity Elements on a fully matted surface.  Easy to clean and disinfect when needed.

By the time the pups visit the playground they almost all go to the 3' x 5' Artificial Grass landing to potty.

Then, Some that Stay Here like to ride around with ME :) 

Others like to spend the day in the large fenced area laying in the shade and playing chase with each other

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