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Pups are born in our home                           Started on a quality gruel

A place to Sleep / a Place to Potty                Lets Go for a Ride 

How we Raise Our Pups

We carefully plan our litters and do not breed our adults until they have had their

health clearances done. We strive to deliver healthy, happy puppies that will make

our future families wonderful companions.

Our puppies are born right here in the house with us where they can be monitored

and handled daily. For the first 16 days of their life we utilize the "Super Dog"

protocol which is a series of steps that provide early neurological stimulation that is

known to have lasting effects on the puppies. (

As soon as the puppies begin to pull themselves around we start giving them a

daily challenge even as simple as some may be. This starts even before the eyes or

ears have opened and continues through the 8 weeks they are here. They learn to

handle stress and helps to build confidence later on.

Starting at 2 weeks of age the puppies are wormed and have follow up wormings

every other week after that.

As eyes are opened, toys of all colors, shapes, and sizes are added to their pen.

As ears open they are exposed to various sounds from a CD called "Puppy Sounds"

by Dean Lake. This CD has noises from trains, planes, autos, barking dogs,

daycare, geese, you name it and it is probably on there. In addition to that they hear

all the household noises while they enjoy time in the middle of our living room.

As they are up and moving around we start litter box training..."Its not just for cats

anymore". They are provided with a sleep area, play area, and elimination area and

you would be surprised how well "most" of them do. We do not guarantee puppies to

be 100% litterbox trained, but their effort is greatly appreciated.

As mom begins to have enough of her little sharp teeth devils, we start feeding the

pups a mush made of quality kibble dog food (no can food) several times a day. 

This is a time that we are really glad they know a little about the litter box :).

At about 4 weeks provided the weather/temperature cooperates the pups start

having some outside playtime where they experience even more sights and sounds.

Eventually they will meet other members of our pack supervised and through a fence

for the most part.

We typically keep our pups inside our home the full 8 weeks. You will never find a

litter locked away in a horse stall inside a barn.

During this time we also like to take the puppies for short car rides, depending on

the time of year and temperatures permitting.

As their 8 week departure time approaches, we separate the pups into individual crates

 for a  couple  hours a day.   They can still see each other but learn to eat, sleep and 

play by themselves.    Seems this helps them transition into their new home easier but please

 do not expect for your puppy to be quiet through the night for several days.  They have just 

left mom, littermates, and the only surroundings it has known.  We do provide you 

some tips that  have worked pretty well for us.

My new puppy families will receive a puppy packet that includes health record,

registration application, copy of the contract, microchip info, training tips and other

information as well as a picture CD of their puppy since Day 1.

Most importantly my contact info should you have any questions regarding your new

family member.

I take pride in our puppies, they are a direct reflection on me as a breeder. Should

you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I have always laughed when delivery people look around at all our toys and ask if we run a Daycare and are shocked when I tell them they are for the dogs.  The Fed Ex guy gets it, he delivers my dog food :) 

Although we do not have any children of our own, we try to borrow some whenever we can :)   

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