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Southern Star Mini American Shepherds

Adoption Agreement


Seller: Leslie *********, Tyler, TX

Phone: 903-360-6123 Email:


Buyer: ____________________ Phone: _______________


Email Address: ___________________________________

This agreement is for the purchase of a purebred Miniature American Shepherd puppy as described below. Southern Star is a registered kennel name and will be the first 2 words of the puppy’s name.

Pups Name: Southern Star _______________________ Birthdate: ________ Sex: ____ Color:_________________________ R Eye: ______ L Eye: _____

Microchip # _______________ Litter/Regist.#: ________________

Sire’s Name & Reg # ________________________________________

Dam’s Name & Reg # _______________________________________

Purchase Price $ ______ - Deposit ______ Paid Date ___________

Pup is being sold on Limited Registration thus no Breeding Rights Granted

A $250 deposit is required to HOLD a puppy. Most deposits are non-refundable unless the puppys health is questionable or Seller feels that the puppy is not a good match for the Buyer.

All puppies must be paid for with cash, cashiers check, postal money order or PayPal at the time of pickup or delivery. Pups will not leave before 8 weeks and it is preferred they are with their new families by 9 weeks unless other mutually agreeable arrangements have been made.

The eye color and mature size of a puppy cannot be guaranteed, only estimated.

The SELLER will provide up to date health record/information to BUYER at time of transfer.  This individual is being placed on a spay/neuter

agreement; however an AKC application for Limited Registration may be available at delivery or shortly thereafter.  "Limited" Registration

means should this individual produce offspring they will NOT be recognized for registration.

SELLER guarantees puppy to be healthy and disease free when it leaves Sellers premises. All efforts are made to eliminate internal and external parasites, but puppies are puppies. Buyer has 3 days excluding weekends to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. If above puppy is found to be unhealthy (other than parasites) during this time, buyer is to obtain a written statement. The seller reserves the right to a second opinion from a vet of seller’s choice and expense. If both concur, the Buyer has the option to return the puppy for a full refund. Seller’s liability is limited to the original purchase price of the puppy. If Buyer chooses to keep the puppy they are responsible for all expenses involved with puppy care.

This Basic Guarantee covers all puppies provided a licensed veterinarian as stated above has checked them within the stated timeframe. Puppies do stress and may show signs of diarrhea for a short period of time, if excessive consult your veterinarian immediately.

SSTAR puppies also come with a Genetic Health Guarantee for the first 12 months of life that also covers hips and progressive eye conditions that affect vision, but excludes any immune system mediated issues since this can be caused by a multitude of reasons and a genetic correlation would be hard to determine. I hear of more and more vaccine related issues so I ask that you research “Vaccinosis” a bit before possibly over vaccinating your pet. In order to insure healthy hips & elbows, puppies should also not do any excessive jumping (even on and off of furniture) until growth plates close which occurs somewhere around the 12 mo mark +/-. Should something develop during this time and it is not from environmental causes (jumping/slick floors), again the seller has the option to obtain a 2nd opinion from a vet of seller’s choice and expense. Should the findings concur, the buyer has 2 options:

*Buyer may keep the puppy and receive 25% of the original purchase price excluding any handling charges.

*Pup may be returned to the seller at buyers expense and receive a replacement pup of the same sex/quality from a future litter.

This purchase agreement and/or guarantees are non-transferable. There are no other guarantees stated or implied. By signing this agreement, Buyer certifies that the puppy will be living with the buyer and will be offered proper socialization, adequate exercise, quality food, and necessary health care. Every effort should be made to provide the puppy with a safe environment. Buyer also agrees that the puppy will not be sold to a pet store, animal research facility, or taken to an animal shelter. In the event Buyer must rehome the puppy, please contact the Seller and we will help in finding a suitable home. Should the pup have to be returned to the seller there will be no refund.

We take every precaution we can to ensure you are getting a happy, healthy new companion. SELLER however can make no guarantees regarding accidental death, loss, and/or sickness due to excessive or lack of future vaccinations or proper care once the puppy leaves the sellers premises.

Seller reserves the right to refuse a puppy sale to anyone they choose.

Buyer has read, understood, and agreed to enter into this binding agreement with the Seller.  Although there are no plans at present to stop breeding these dogs, this Sales Contract will become null and void should the seller cease breeding for any reason. Should there be a dispute regarding this contract, action will be initiated in Smith County, Texas.

SELLERS SIGNATURE _________________________ Date: _________

BUYERS SIGNATURE __________________________ Date: __________

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